blue metal hanukiaHanukkah – The Festival of Lights

Hanukkah is one of the most festive times of the year and is often called the festival of lights as it celebrates the miracle of the pure oil lasting for 8 days following the desecration of the temple. So it is a holiday that is celebrated for eight days by the Jews, with an additional candle being lit each day. It was a historic moment in Jewish history when the Maccabbees defeated the mighty Greek army. There are blessings and singing along with the candlelighting by Jews all over the world. The holiday falls anytime between November and December, so it is important to plan ahead. Buying Hanuka gifts is not difficult. Because there are so many different types of holiday gifts that you can get, here is a brief guide of some of the most popular items to choose from:

Hanukkiah or 9 Branch Candelabra

While the traditional menorah has 7 branches, the hanukkiah has 9 branches, which represents the 8 days plus the serving lighter. So each day the candles or oil wicks are lit using the server candle. Hanukiahs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, young and old, and for everyday or for elegant homes. They are a wonderful gift

Decorative Pieces and Personal Host Gifts

Decorative pieces for the home are always lovely Hanuka gifts. Buy a mezuzah and have it beautifully wrapped up. Not only are they beautiful, but they serve a wonderful purpose, and are always needed in the home. And you can never go wrong by giving your host or hostess a personal gift of blessing. Take a look at the bracelets or necklaces for men and women in the jewelry section of the Israel Gift Store.