The Mezuzah is simply a small piece of decorative parchment that includes several verses (in Hebrew) from the Torah. It is generally used for decorative purposes and can be found commonly in Jewish households. The verses generally constitute the Jewish prayer of “Shema Yisrael.” However, not all of the mezuzahs include such inscriptions. Many decorative pieces simply include delicate designs made on pieces of parchment that you can hang from a wall or frame it. Because of its decorative versatility, the mezuzah is a great gift to give.
Types of Mezuzahs

Whereas the traditional mezuzah is created on a simple piece of parchment, you can also get several other types of designs. For instance, a brass mezuzah makes for an excellent decorative piece. You can also get a painted wooden mezuzah that is handcrafted with great care and precision. If you have a special design or inscription that you would want to have imprinted on your gift, you could also order a laser cut mezuzah with the design of your choice.
Gift Ideas

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