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Sterling Silver Bible Necklace

Sterling Silver Bible Necklace

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sterling Silver Bible Necklace

This beautiful sterling Silver Bible Necklace captures the original Hebrew Bible embedded into a sparkling nano chip. The spiritual power and truths of the Biblical scriptures uplift your faith as you draw closer to God. Now, this gives you and all persons of faith the opportunity to easily carry God’s word close to your heart. And the cross necklace serves as an outwardly statment of your faith as well as a constant reminder of His presence.

The square Bible necklace is inscribed with ‘Jerusalem’, the city of King David, and the Eternal City of Israel. It’s simple elegance makes it a special and unique gift for men and women of all ages. And you will find time and again that friends and acquaintences exclaim that they would like one, too. So get ready for those requests!

The Nano Technology

The Technion University in Haifa, Israel, developed this 1/4 inch square chip using Israel’s advanced nano-technology. You can clearly read the scriptures in Aramaic under a specialized nano microscope. The highly monitored production process is performed in a sterile environment which is used for delicate materials.

You will receive a certificate of authentication as well as a booklet that fully explains the technology.

Pendant size: 5 cm x 5 cm;
Chip size: 2 cm x 2 cm;
Necklace length: 60 cm / 24″